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Water Damage Restoration Rancho Penasquitos


Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur in your Rancho Penasquitos home in a number of ways from burst pipes and leaky roof to floods from heavy rains.  We will remove the water immediately, dry your home and protect it against mold.

Flood Cleanup Rancho Penasquitos


Water Damage & Mold Specialists

We handle many commercial water damage problems such as collapsed roofs, sewage backups, toilet overflows and leaky pipes.  We can assemble a team and respond quickly to get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

Mold Removal Rancho Penasquitos, CA

Mold Remediation

Mold & Mildew Removal

Mold removal is essential to make your home a safe and sanitary living environment. Has your home been flooded? Or does it have a leaky roof? If so, your house probably sustained water damage, and one side effect from water damage is mold.

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What to Do if You Have
Water Damage

  1. Stop the flow of water.
  2. If safe to do so, shut off the electricity.
  3. Minimize damage.
  4. Call Gold Coast Flood Restorations (858) 495-9133
  5. Move possessions to dry ground.
  6. Document water damage.
  7. Call your insurance company.
mold removal Rancho Penasquitos CA
What to Do if You Have Mold
  1. Have your home tested by a trained mold tester.
  2. Identify the cause of the mold and get it fixed.
  3. Call Gold Coast Flood Restorations (858) 495-9133
  4. Document the mold damage.
  5. Call your insurance company.
  6. Have the mold removed.
  7. After mold has been removed TEST AGAIN!

Our Promise To You And Your Family

Performance + Quality + Expertise = Restoration Perfection

We realize that nobody wants to have water damage. You call a water damage restoration service because you’re seeking honesty, quality and a fantastic reputation. You’re probably dealing with an insurance company as well with lots of questions. We can help you with all your water damage needs... At Gold Coast Flood Restorations, our promise is to give you 5 Star Service and return your home back to normal as soon as we can. Our team has over 30 years of experience in water damage restoration and clean up as well as mold remediation.


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Pipe Leak and flood Damage Rancho Penasquitos, CA

Real Client Testimonials
See Why Happy Clients Turn On Us For All Their Water Damage Restoration Needs.

Restoration Company Reviews

The Navneet

The guys at Gold coast were very helpful and accommodating of my schedule. They were very clean and efficient. They were also very helpful in answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. I would highly recommend them to any and all house owners who need to get water restoration done in a timely and professional manner.

Flood Restoration Company Review

Daniel A.

One thing that was very clear was that these guys know what they are doing. We are so glad we had them check it out or we would have had a problem for sure. They helped us report the damage to our insurance company. If you have ever experienced a flood in our home, you know how traumatic it can be. All the staff at Gold Coast took care of us and treated our home like it was their own.

Who We Are

Rancho Penasquitos's Most Trusted Water Damage & Mold Remediation Professionals

Gold Coast Flood Restorations strives to be different in the water damage restoration industry. We treat your home like it belonged to our family. That means we spend extra time during inspections. We use the highest quality materials and only hire highly experienced, ethical contractors. We are also insurance experts that know how to watch out for your best interests and not those of the insurance company.

Our team is here for you from start to finish. With over 30 years of world-class professionalism and service, we consider it a privilege to solve all your water damage restoration needs.

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Hidden Water Damage Is Major Trouble

Gold Coast Flood Restorations has highly skilled technicians that locate hidden water damage and mold and save you $$$.


Water Restoration Claim Rancho Penasquitos, CA

Case Study- Restoration & Homeowners Insurance

Cutting through the red tape of insurers costs time and money. One of our clients learned that the hard way. He was asked to pay thousands in out of pocket expenses that should have been covered.

Our experts handle insurance claims on your behalf to protect your best interests.


Limited time offer for residential and commercial jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does homeowner’s insurance cover damages related to mold?

It has been our experience that many insurance companies do NOT pay for mold damage. Some insurance companies offer limited coverage amounts. Some insurance carriers offer programs that allow you to pay a higher premium that covers extended mold coverage. Please call our office today at 888-373-9243 for additional information and referrals to qualified insurance professionals.

 I had water damage to my home, and your company left me an estimate. My insurance carrier now wants me to use another water damage company. Do I have to use the vendor that my insurance recommends?

Absolutely not! In the state of California, you have the legal right to choose whichever vendor you trust. Insurance carriers have their “preferred vendors” as a way to streamline the paperwork and payment process following work performed as a result of an insurance claim. We use the same Xactimate pricing system accepted industry-wide as these preferred vendors and are specialists in handling insurance claims and working with adjusters.

If you are impressed with our technicians and feel that you are in good hands with Gold Coast (as most people are!), please let your insurance carrier know that you would like Gold Coast Flood Restorations to be your vendor, and we will take it from there.

Rancho Penasquitos
Flood Restoration

Fast Response, We handle water damage and mold Insurance Claims, Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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